Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Sorry its been a while.. I just have better more pressing things to do than keep a blog.

My education, job, and comedy have taken over my life.

I have class 4 days a week. Rehearsal for improv/sketch 4 days of the week. I'm doing a lot of reading for class and my job.. Oh my job.. really? I'm a Resident Assistant and I'm doing so much for that. I just found out that I'm not doing enough events for the residents. I got a warning. Yay!

So tomorrow lovely wednesday. I have class, all my RA's meetings and sketch rehearsal for our upcoming shows. It seems like I get up and just keep going until I get to bed. I know that this is what "real" life is like. Ugh!

Other than the fact that I have no time or a social life, everything else is good. My room is finally clean.

I'm working on more stuff for my Etsy shop. I have to take pictures of all the stuff. Once thats done they will be up on the shop. www.geoduckfest.etsy.com!

I guess that's all I have for now!