Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Lone Geoduck with all The Tigers

Yes, a tiger could rip a Geoduck in two if it was really motivated. So far I have been nothing but more welcome with each minute I'm here. So far I've just spent my time on the Princeton campus and on Nassue ( I think thats how you spell it) St. Where there is all the shops including coffee. So of course I'm headed that way.Sunday-This day was so chill. We all slept in for the day before was New York. Oh did I mention I'm going back on Friday. I might also see Brittany there for lunch and more UCB. I can't wait to go see The Stepfathers at UCB. I really hope its just as amazing as the last show. I have really high hopes for this!As for Sunday we just chilled in Erin's dorm. She had homework to finish and I finished up paperwork for school. We had dinner with her friends. I really love seeing the faces of people when I try to explain Evergreen to them. It's a mixture of "What the Fuck?" meets constipation. :DWe also went to church. As you all know I'm atheist, but I went to support Erin and maybe get some sketch comedy material. They had offering of body and blood.. what ever you call that. I started crying I don't know why really. I was angry because it reminded of what made me atheist in the first place. I stop believing because of my grandfather who past my senior year. Being in a churh reminded me of him. I cried for him. Then I met the second Mike of the day who gave me an amazing sketch idea.. Involving Jewish people and Ninja turtles. He said it was a go as long as he got credit for it. Of course Mike #2 you will get credit!Monday-Erin had a midterm and after that we went on a campus tour. We had lunch at Wu Hall and let me tell you. I'm super angry that the Greenery sucks because the food here actually doesn't make me want to puke.. or have the feeling that I'm pregnant. Every building here is old and beautiful. Even if it was constructed recently its made to look old. They even buy trees half grown to give the established look. Then she went to salsa and I finished up programming things. Today-Which is Tuesday! I now sit in the Starbucks on the outskirts of Princeton. Erin is at what she calls her "monkey class". I joined her for her African Studies class because the lecture seemed interesting. It was about how Aids in Africa has affected the theatre there. It was actually kind of boring. It was also weird to sit in a lecture hall. Since all I've done the past to years is performances. Well as I said I'm here now waiting for Erin to get back from Monkey class. I don't want to walk back to her dorm. It's kind of on the outskirts of the other side of campus. Besides she forgot to tell me there was a cupcake house near the starbucks.. So I get to get a cupcake soon!More laters... !!!Things that are better at Princeton/East Coast-The food-At least the starbucks but not coffee in general-People are so nice here! Lol I guess I could go on. I kind of love the East Coast... now.. ;)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Oly to NYC

Hey out there to all you back at home and such! I just wanted to put out there how my spring break has been so far!So after flying 5 hours on a plane from WA to NJ. We made it there at midnight only to miss so many connecting trains. That we miss the shuttle to Princeton. We then proceed to call a taxi and the guy driving was funny and foreign but it was four in the morning so I didn't care.Erin and I decided that we would get up at nine at leave for NYC at ten. We did so, although I didn't actually get to bed till 5.. as it be only like two in the morning OLY time. I slept till 8 tried to sleep more didn't work.. so I rolled out of bed showered.. and got ready for NYC..We take the train up to NYC and we start our day with coffee. It was a very bad coffee, because I refused to get my first cup at Starbucks. The first thing I see is Madison Square Garden and The Fuse Network.. Pictures were taken everywhere if you guys want to check it out. I told Erin we should check out Upright Citizens Brigade (An improv school in NYC) so we reserved tickets for the show later that night. We walked over there just to know where it would be at. I got all giggly as soon as I saw it. From that point we got on the subway and head to Central Park. I really wanted to see the Bethesda Fountain in Person. When we got to Central Park we stopped at Strawberry field and there was a flower art piece on the ground (take a look at the pictures) it was awesome and a guy who was playing Wonderwall by Oasis.. totally forgot the words.. But it was okay, it was still awesome! We make our way to the fountain and it was breath taking. I almost starting crying. I went up and touched it and tears formed. It was beautiful!We walked through the park and finished with Time Square and NBC... Radio City and Rockerfeller.. and all that Jazz. Everything was so amazing. I went into the lobby of NBC.. and thought Man if only I worked here.. yah know. I went to the store and found a key chain with my name on it.. With my name .. That is so hard to find!!!! Of course I bought it and a SNL pin as well. I also bought an I heart NY shirt.. but that's okay.. I don't live there. :DTime square was packed and there was naked guys offering pictures. ( I took one of them not with them.) Then we head to UCB.. It was amazing.. The show was hilarious and I really want to study there now. I can't wait till I have the chance to perform on that stage! I've decided that I going to go there after I graduate! Manhattan is awesome, busy, and at the same time calm. I had a glorious day and I hope we can make it back to NYC on Tuesday for Harold night at UCB... Lets hope.. lolNight for Jersey!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stay The Night.

Things are working out finally.

I think its because break is over! Yay for no school!

I've finally met someone that I like that I think likes me back. He/I came to an agreement on a hang out day in Seattle! I can't wait, because this has never happened. I'm nervous. Really! Secretly I can't wait! I guess its not so much of a secret!

I'm heading to NJ on friday for break.. cant wait for that either. Right now I'm so happy I can't even begin to speak of all the reasons! Just for right now I will smile as big as I can!