Friday, January 29, 2010

New STUFF!!!!

Yay!!! for new things!
So I've uploaded more stuff to my etsy shop. Mostly clothing but I'm still working on cowl scarves those will be up soon!!!
On the other hand!! TWO MONTHS TILL IRELAND!!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

So I've started working with plastic bags. I mean we have all heard about how long they take to decompose in a land fill.... and you can recycle them into great things like sweaters and such. I like to craft with a whole range of things.... So when I found a website on how to make plarn I was stoked... It was something new to work with!!!!

So I have three Plarn items in my etsy shop right now.. and I have so many to put up.. I just need to get a good enough camera... Plus the weather in Oly has been crap for about a week. We now have flood warnings around Thurston county and campus!!! WOOT... this is when its awesome to live on the top floor of a building!!! Oh and did I mention the cool thing about the plarn cases and such they don't retain water like fabric!! *hint* *hint* so if your from the PNW like me these would be great for you! :P

Other than that I'm trying very hard to get all my etsy pictures done so that I can get that stuff up there... I have more shirts and a few more cowls to put up... all of which is amazing and awesome looking!!! I'm constantly knitting well at least when Im not doing homework ;)

Byez for nows!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So I'm trying to raise money for the one the only trip to Ireland I'm taking in the spring!!! I'm so stoked.. so I'm upping how much I'm estying... Can you say etsying... is it a verb???

Etsying- (v.) To etsy.....

This is a good question what do you think?!?!

Check it out though....!!!