Friday, April 30, 2010

Anger is one thing. Crying is another!

I have no idea what came over me last night. That led me to leave class in a flurry and escape to a standing stone that is off the beaten path. I felt like I was on the verge of tears, could bite anyones head off or even scream at the top of my lungs. Where do you go to scream in a town that is so small someone is going to get worried. I don't know what to do at this point. So I just left class in a hurry and walked to a standing stone that is called the courting stone. There is a hole in the top that a couple join fingers through to show everlasting love for one another.

I felt as though I couldn't pay anything to the stone seeing as I was there alone. I asked it what it had to offer me. If it could help with how angry and distressed I was feeling. It offered no solutions, I mean what did I expect I was talking to a rock. When I realized this I burst into tears and sat against the stone hoping for something to light my thoughts. As my eyes were closed, tears trickling down my cheeks I hear something move in the grass near my feet. I let one of my eyes open trying to squint through the tears. Low and behold a badger was sniffing my shoes! I tried to be really still and just stare at the awe that was this animal that I've never seen alive. Also along the side of a road gasping for a bit of air to survive. I accidently sneezed (stupid allergies) and it ran away. That badger for some reason gave me hope, I'm not quite sure but after that encounter I felt a lot better. By this time it was already dark and all I had to guide me home was the moon and the lights of the far off Church of Ireland.

As bats circled above and more badgers scampering in and out of the gorse I made my way back to my cottage. I was able to sleep that night with a sound mind and tear free.

I just want to say this, Even though you are in the place you have always wanted to be it doesn't mean you are free of the emotions that haunt your daily life.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Odd things in low places!

I just wanted to say a little bit about random things that have occured to me in the last few days.

Like the light switches because they go in the opposite direction than in the states. So to turn the lights on you make sure the switch in turned down. Also you can plug in your electronics but it wouldn't matter because you have to turn the power on to that specific outlet. In some case I think this a great way to manage your electricty use. However you have to also do this for the stove and I forget about that part. I always wonder why my water takes forever to boil. :P

I have found what my friends and I have deamed "cow sheep". These very few lambs have the black and white spotting of our bovine friends. Pictures will be posted soon!

For the longest time I couldn't fall asleep to silence. A fan had to go on all night or at least I would fall asleep to the tv. I love now falling asleep to the soft bleeting of sheeps and lambs. I never thought for the longest time that I would be able to fall asleep in such a calm enviroment. It is something you have to experience first hand. Then to wake up to the coarse wind and rain on your windows is something that I will always remember.

I have been here for a month as of yesterday! WOOT! It feels much longer however. I feel like I have dove deeply into this country never to swim back to the surface. What the surface is I don't know. Will I ever know?! That I also don't know. I want to keep the surface something bright that I long for but also something dark and black. Something that I fear for going to. I don't think you can conquer anything without a little fear. Am I afraid of the surface, well hell of course I am. If I wasn't I wouldn't be human.

So for that much love for everyone back home! I look forward to seeing everyone once again!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

It aint gonna happen!

How I long to still be asleep right now! As of later today I have completed a full week of classes. Which is amazing, but it also means I only have three weeks more in Ireland come this Tuesday. I mean don’t get me wrong I am homesick, I would love to come back to see everyone. I just don’t want to leave yet, because I feel like this has a sense of home for me. To leave that would possibly rip a little bit of my heart out with it. Everyone knows that you can’t function with a piece of your heart missing.

This week I’ve learned that weaving is not for me because it makes me mad. Mostly because I couldn’t get the knack of it. I will not stop though, much like every other craft I will try my best to at least master it. J I have been knitting as well. May I just say that I love the fact I’m not allergic to wool!!!! There are some lovely yarns out here and I can use every single one of them!

I’m not quite sure what to say this week. I guess that is it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Forever not to walk.. longing to RUN!!!

Lets just say yesterday was an adventure. I got to discover Ireland Health Care system first hand. Well more like small town travel doctor. I got a drive out of town to Carrick which is a neighboring town in the same parish. You will never be scared for you life unless you drive in the back roads with an Irish woman. Not that I didn’t feel safe. It’s just that when you are sitting in the seat that you usually be driving from and you see cars coming on what you think is your side of the road you can get a little freaked out. Let me just say that, but I made it safely.

At the office as I waited for my turn some old duffer had to see the nurse for a vaccination. He heads into her office and she shuts the door. After a few moments I heard “In me BUM?! CHRIST!” I of course despite my pain practically laughed up my rib cage where as the other old duffer sitting next to me just stared at me. Like, “What for the love god is so funny?” They soon left after and the old duffer who got his behind pricked left rubbing his backside. I chuckled lightly to myself knowing that I would remember this moment for the rest of my life. After that a little old woman entered and sat not too far from me. She kept staring at me for which I was confused. Soon I learned that Brigid was looking at my discomfort. Brigid asked me if I was in pain, I told her I just probably bruised the bone and that I should be fine. She said and I quote “ You know what would fix that, A cup of tea.” Also when her name was called before mine she tried to give up her spot so I could go before her. It is people like this that make me love Ireland even more. Hospitality lives strong here and that was the perfect example. Denying that hospitality would have been very wrong of me. Although I let her go before me because I’m nice like that and I will live with the shame that I denied her hospitality. About the tea (tae in Irish) it seriously can fix anything over here. Your car is broken? Well then let it have a cup of tea. It will be all better in the morning!

All in all I ended up with a bruised bone just like I thought. The meds? Stay off it for about ten days or so, which included no hiking. Did I ever follow the rules? Nope! I secretly hate when people ( well since I’m putting it here I guess it’s not a secret anymore) but I secretly hate it when people dote on me. Not that I don’t appreciate it when they do go out of their ways for me. I don’t want to be a burden is all. When I am not able to take care of myself I feel low. I don’t know exactly how to explain it, just low. I know it has only be one day on the no walking thing, but damnit I want to run, frolic, and leap like the sheepin’s! (lambs)

Last night was our first craft night to which we are doing weaving. Which I look forward too because really all that we have done is lectures and seminars. I will love being able to work with my hands once more!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Currently trying not to scream in pain!!!!!!

So yesterday was a joy and half. NOT REALLY!! Can I just say how much I hate the world right now! Mostly just my knee but god damn!!!

Yesterday we hiked to a napoleanic (sp) watch tower. Which is up on the left side of the valley. You see the Gleann is in a valley, for those people in E. WA it reminds me of how Colfax looks. So we treked it up to the tower and half the hike was very steep. I had to wrap my ankle from previous issues. Made it up just fine and lets just say the view was breathtaking! I would explain more but I am seriously just trying to concentrate on other things right now. On the way down I ended up falling into a bog and then further down the mountain I rolled my ankle. I fell when this happened and I tried to stop myself and ended up hitting my knee on a huge boulder. Cutting it severly and bruising the bone (or at least I think). I also busted up my right hand on the lower palm and man! So not only is my ankle fucked so is my knee! To the point that even when I'm not moving it it is still in the most pain. I seriously and trying not to cry out... Breath in and out right! It will go away right!?!? DAD JOHN?!?!? EMTS??? Help!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Any change I've Given Thee....

Lets just say that this is going to change me for the better. It's going to be a huge change within me mentally and physically. I mean physically by the fact that I walk everywhere. If I don't have a six pack by the time I get back to the states (if I get back) I will be sad. LOL!!!

So if you haven't heard that there is a huge Volcano errupting in Iceland and all air traffic has been cancelled to Ireland for the next two weeks. We here at school have been keep track of what the status is on most of our flights out within the next month. We don't know what will happen and if push comes to shove and I don't have a flight back I will take a boat. There are too many important things I can't miss, like Quinns Graduation and HOBY! I will not get stuck in Ireland. Although that would be pretty cool! It will just be really expensive and I can't really afford to stay any longer than I've already planned.

From what you have read in the previous blog post I made it to the Gleann safe and sound. Last night we officially started class with a lecture about traditional Irish music. Today we are going on a huge ass hike to a watch tower. Did I ever mention how much I hate excercise. :D Just kidding! It will be good for me because lord knows that I've eaten enough nutella to feed a small army! However, I am looking forward to classes to get underway. I love Ireland but still part of me wants to be back home. I really want to share this experience with the people whom I love and care about deeply. I hope you guys have been enjoying the photos, videos and blog posts. Feeling that this is the only way for at least until I get home that I can share this with you.

I just wanted to give another mention to Scraps (the Irish Puppy). He lives not but five minutes from our cottage and I see him when ever I walk to town or to school. I can't possibly begin to say how much he makes my heart go all soft and gushy. I love that little dog and he makes me happy. Just to see him everyday makes my day. He is a very loving pup and doesn't stray to far from home so I have no worries of him following me anywhere.

Last night was just a relaxed night were I just layed in bed, listened to music and wrote in my lovely handmade journal. This journal was made for me by my momma and I love it. It's nice to be able to keep some personal thoughts to myself and then share what I want here.

As for today and the hike it should be grand. I have no qualms (sp) about this town or this trip. Each experience is something that I'm going to hold with my dearly for the rest of my life. The people I've met and will hold true in my heart for the same length of time.

Also I will say because this made my night. I found a wine glass the size of a shot glass last night. A legit tiny wine glass with a stem that I had two drinks from last night. I know it was barely any liquid but hot damn it was great. I felt so classy with my mini wine glass. I know I'm a dork but hey what are you gonna do?

Well till next time!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yay 15 mins to catch up!

So, I am in the gleann and I can't begin to describe its utter beauty! We made it here after a snaffu(sp) with the bus. After a very calming but cramped bus. I mean cramped because of the fact that I know my friend Erin who is 6'4" would not be able to fit. However it was fine and we made it safely!

The town of the Gleann is really small and it reminds me of home. I mean everyone either says hello to you on the streets or waves from their cars. How Rosalia is that? I love it with a passion.

I live in a cottage that is located on the opposite side of town from where the school is. I have about a half an hour walk. I find this okay in the fact that I run into the most adorable puppy on the way whom I have nicknamed Scraps. It just sounded right in my name. There are sheep everywhere. I really do mean EVERYWHERE! It is most definitly lambing season and there are baby lambs everywhere. I love my walk and as soon as I get close to the school I run into the most amazing beach ever! I was able to walk along it during sunset last night. I took amazing photos so keep an eye out.

I get my own room in the cottage which is a plus, not that I don't love Kendra and would have loved to have her as a roomie. Having that level of privacy after spending two weeks in hostels is pretty damn amazing.

Well that was all I wanted to go into. I just wanted to give a brief catchup. I start classes tonight and have to get going. I will write a more detailed one later when I have more time.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Keep on walking...!

So I think I seriously f*** up my ankle! Don't worry Mom it is wrapped, elevated, and medded up! I have no idea what I did to it. All of a sudden my ankle just hurt and well that was that. Yay for being a gimp again. Man this brings my back to when I had stitches in my knee and had to walk all funny! LOL

So I know I haven't been posting lately and that is because a lot has happened. I sort of had a midlife crisis esque problem while in Galway. I currently okay so please for the love of whatever don't worry. That is the last thing I need, the first thing is I need people to be happy for me.

I ended up getting really tired of Dublin and the city life. I decided to get out and go to Galway because I could afford it. It is not that I hated the town. It was actually quite lovely as well as peaceful! The beach was astounding to walk along in morning. Which I got to do, as I walked along the beach I played with the seaweed and sea snails. The weather also helped the beach walk as it was delicously sunny and warm. I spent a lot of my time outside while in Galway. After a while I just got really depressed and needed to be with familar faces. As depressed as breaking down crying in the middle of a public square can get. I know it doesn't sound pretty and its not. As soon as I could calm myself to move I went back to the hostel and told them I was leaving tomorrow morning. YOu see I couldn't be alone anymore so I decided to go back to Dublin. I did everything that was required of me to get back to Dublin. I arrived by eight am the next morning and greeted Kendra in her hostel room with a bright smile and an adventure for coffee.

Back where I felt sort of at home, kind of at least. I felt more sane like I could actually be okay. I realize how emotional I sound and again please don't worry about me. I'm now fine and with good company. They are a very strong support system for me. However at the current moment I'm homesick, that feeling comes and goes. When it comes however, it comes on pretty strong. It is like I can't enjoy myself right now. This plus my ankle just sucks the life right out of me.

Maybe I can go listens to all the metal I have on my computer and rock out for a bit to try to perk up for a bit?!?!

A7X Here I come!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Breath Taking Beauty!

Today I can't even to begin to describe what I have gone and see the last two days here. I have traveled to two places that will have hit my core in very different ways. To being in utter awe and disbelief that I am where I am, to almost crying for the pain and loss a country has gone through.

You are probably wondering as to where I would have traveled. Well, yesterday I went to Kilmainham Gaol (kind of pronouced Kill-a-man Jail) and then today I went to The Hill of Tara in County Meath.

Please with this blog go look at the picture; they are currently uploading. I can give you some perspective on it, but being able to see it will help.

A little bit of history:

Kilmainham Gaol was one of the main jails in Ireland along with Mountjoy Jail on the other side of the city. It is currently a museum and a national sight. Some of its famous inmates include all 14 leaders on the April 1916 Easter Sunday Uprising, Eamon De Velera, and Mrs. Joseph Plunkett ( .. Grace Gifford). Among these inmates they had the jail overcome during the famine era when even a eight year old girl can get arrested for stealing a cloak to keep her warm, or how three young boys got arrested for stealing four loaves of bread.

*There will be more history to go with the pictures of the Gaol.

While there I could believe that I walked the same path as many famous people. I mean famous to me, I mean I don't know if you know who Padraigh Pearse was. If you do awesome if you don't he was the main leader of the Easter Rebellion of 1916. He as well as the other thirteen were excuted at the Gaol not about a month later. One of the members James Connolly was too injured from the actuall fighting that he could not be excuted standing up. So they straped him to a kitchen chair and shot him that way. I grabbed a stone from where he was shot, because he was shot on the opposite side of the inclosed area. I hope my mom will make it into a necklace for me.

They had a firing squad of eight and seven of these guards were given blanks. They didn't know who had the actual bullet that would have killed the person. That way not one of the guards could say that they killed anyone.

Then for today I went to the Hill of Tara which if you have seen the video yet you will know I was uber stoked for this. The HoT was the place where the oldest (not by age but by what year he ruled) oldest king of Ireland ruled. It is also the place where I lot of Irish Folklore took place. From the top of the Hill you can see almost all of Ireland. It was so breathtaking to be up there. I felt so happy to be alive to experience and it was one of those times when you feel that the world is so vast and you are so tiny.

Then that tour went over to Newgrange which is one of the worlds oldest standing structures. I thought this was cool but not as cool as the Hill. I was able to go into the passage tomb but they tried to shove like 20 of us in there at once. It really put a damper on how awesome it should have been.

I will say it was really nice to get out of the city for the day. I saw a lot of Irish Farm animals!!! Lots of little lambs scamping about D: So adorable. Mom can we get a lamb?! I promise Ill take care of it! It was also really nice to be able to breath fresh country air, opposed to the smoke filled air of Dublin.

Well it is almost eleven and I doth protest that it is time for some shut eye. Please keep an eye out for the videos and the pictures.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Best Day Til Tomorrow

Hullo People, friends and family!

I know I haven't been keepthing this up at the rate I should. Oh well, it is not like you guys are waiting with baited breath to read these thing right?!?!

Let's see what has happened since the last post..

OKAY let me first get this off my mind because it seriously bugs the hell out of me. I am naturally a fast walker and it pisses me off when people walk really slow or just stop for no reason! If I want to take a casual stroll I can, don't get me wrong. I love taking nice walks along sandy beaches.... Okay must remember this is not a dating service. In the moonlight........... Oh.. Haha! I know I shouldn't complain but what the hell people, walk faster!!!

Yesterday I had a hostel mate that was a 50 year old chinese woman who snored worse than... well a pig. It was really bad because I could hear her over my music in my headphones. My music was pretty loud! O.o

I got to see a lot of things Easter 1916 related yesterday, like the surrender site. Also the memorial they have on the north side of the city. Please check out facebook photos, they will be up later tonight. It is an breathtaking memorial and again I cried. I seriously have cried so much on this trip that by the time I get back to the states I will have dried all my tears up. I have a feeling that when we go up to Derry and see the Bloody Sunday .. well everything from the Troubles up there, I'm just going to lose it. It is a good thing I brought two different hankies with me! Plus I will have plenty of shoulders!! How I love my classmates for that. They are really supportive when you need someone.

I also now have a great love for Nutella and plain White bread (in a loaf break fresh daily) mmmmhmmm.. must have for the cottage in the Gleann!!! MUUUUUSSSTTT! I love it so much much because its cheap and good. I am eating cheaply well as much as I can. Sometimes I do treat myself because hell I don't know when I'm coming to Dublin again! Although I do miss a homecooked meal, like grilled cheese and mato soup! Five more week and I get all that I want! It is going to go bye so slow but so fast. I have no idea how to think of this. I want it to last but I'm also homesick and feel kind of out of place being the Yank.

It really helps to have my music with me because it is something I really rely on it. The music keeps me sane and in a good place mentally. It is because so much of my music holds really dear memories for me that I can rely on and remember home! Alas, before I know it I will be home.

One more thing... I keep seeing people that look like people from back home and I tried yelling at one of them thinking it was my friend and the guy was really afraid.. Haha.. Or when I was sitting in my hostel really bored like two nights ago and thought I would go bug Xandre (friend from evergreen) and the rest of the S307 crew... but I couldn't because they weren't here.. Haha.. sometimes my mind plays tricks on me..

Well see you later!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

So much to say!

The first thing I want to say is Happy Berfday to my widdle brudder, Quinn. He turned 18 today on all of the glorious April days! If I was there I would have bought him his first playboy ;). Just kidding mom... maybe!

I got to hang out with Betsy for the last day and half! It has been pretty awesome to get to see some faces I know. Tonight we also met up with Shaina for her one night in Dublin before France. Tomorrow we get to see Ian, as I said it's great to see some many faces I know. I don't feel so alone anymore! Not that I did.. Okay I sorta did, I was homesick for a while.

So, as of today around 4pm I booked a train ticket and a hostel stay in Galway. I will be going there next week for five nights. Dublin is great but I really need to see more of Ireland. Not that I won't when I go up to Donegal but I want to see more than that. I'll go check it out for a while and then come back to Dublin for a night to meet up with my class to bus up to the Glen. I can't wait to see the rest of my class! For the Craic (fun) will be mighty.

Besty and I also went to the Old Jameson Distillery today and that was pretty epic. Did you know that the cat you caught all the mice back when Jameson actually was alive, is stuffed and on display. That is one freaking ole' cat. The cat was called smithy and caught up to twenty mice a day. At the end of the tour we got a free Jameson plus a mixer, or straight whiskey. I think one of my new favorite drinks is Cranberry and Jameson. NOM NOM!!! So note to self when I get back to Yelm for the summer must have a bottle of Jameson on hand!

I also saw racism in Ireland happen first hand. A very drunk skinhead dropped his trash on the ground near a parking garage. Now, mind you in Dublin everywhere has door man or security guard. The security guard for the parking garage ( a guy from the middle east) started to ask the man to pick up his trash. The skinhead just flipped right there and started calling him... well I'm not going to repeat because it was pretty harsh. Lets just say that the skinhead ran into the Garda(police) pretty much right after than and got hauled off.

Well, I know that I should really be keeping up with this more often; but I get really tired from the days highjinks when I get back to my hostel. I am tryng my best! Oh and there are new pictures on facebook so go have a look see!


(I really wish my computer would do fadas)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

These Headphones will deliver what I say!

Yes I'm listening to Ol' School Fall out boy.. or as my father would say Fall Down Boy.. its kind of like Death Pie for Birdy right mom?!!? Haha love you!!

Sorry I didn't post anything last night.. Yesterday was a day and a half. I was also kind of intoxicated when I got back! I was safe I promise!! So don't worry. I started drinking around noon...curious as to why?! Keep READING!!!

So as part of my hostel you have to vacate your room by 10:30 so they can come and clean it. Which is good because it gets my ass out of bed and out into Dublin to start my day. First I went and got coffee. When I found cheap but good coffee.. I will get it!! YAY ME!!! Then I headed to the National Museum of Ireland. I really enjoyed that place! I got to see very many interesting things like Bog Bodies! You should google it if you don't know what they are. That was probably the coolest thing about the Museum. How intacked they were just astounds me! Both bodies which were male.. still had fingers nails and pores on their skin. I can only imagine their stories and how they lived theirs lives. It was crap I tell you CRAP! The one thing I hated about the museum was this huge group of french students. They were in the way all of the time. Then later that day I walked across town to see the other half of the museum. Which had a dead animal zoo! They had a zebra and a giraffe! Also they had a squirrel!!! Hahah. That was pretty cool; however they had a whole exhibit about soldiers from Ireland from viking era to present day. This brought a lot of things to perspective like the british invasion and Easter 1916. They had the death certificates of three of the people who were shot by firing squad after 1916. That was very hard to look at.

You are probably still thinking about me drunk right.. Haha wow one track mind! They had a street fair in the temple bar area. There I ended up getting organic mulled apple cider with a shot of brandy in it! It was delicious and I was really cold at that point, it warmed me up quite well. Since it was such a nice day I went back to the Guinness factory. It was very touristy and something I'm only going to do once. I got a pint and a half there! I also got some presents for myself and people there! Hahaha Secrets I love suprises!

Then later that day I went to the International Comedy Club and had a pint of hard cider there. I got made fun of because I was the only Yank there... but its okay being a fellow comedian I gave them crap back. They couldn't believe that I could study comedy in the states.. They asked me what do I do in school for that. I said that Evergreen was weird and we don't learn we just do. The guy was like.. people?! Thats it they just do people! I responded with all the time!!! That got a few chuckles! This really got me in the mood (haha speaking of doing people) jk.. I'm now ready for my stand up gig! Still really nervous but its should be okay!

So with all that I did yesterday I was really beat and just kind of passed out last night.

Today I tried to go to mass but the censor smoke made me sick. I almost threw up! It didn't help that they did half of the sermon from the middle of the church right next to where I was sitting. So instead of puking up all over the oldest church in Dublin. I left and got a nasty look from the door guard.. Hahah oh well!

As for the rest of the day tis going to be a lazy sunday! I get to see Betsy tonight and go out for dinner or what not!!! YAY! Classmates/friends galore!!!!

More to follow!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hey HO! Dublin

What is up?! I'm just in my hostel, watching Disney movies on Youtube and munching on nommy bread from M & S. I got a huge loaf for 2€ it will last me a few days! Bonus.

Today the weather was cold and wet. I hated the weather today. Also I woke up at 6 am because of one of my hostel mates phones. Ugh... I'm not a morning person at all!!! It was bad enough that I couldn't go back to sleep. So I just laid there and chatted on facebook! I hope all those back at Evergreen had a good first week of classes! I know I did :)!

Today's big adventure was supposed to be the Guinnes Factory! So after shopping around to find a hat. I have one but it was soaked from a previous day and was not dry yet. I couldn't find one and I was really really sad. However I made my way to the factory and while walking there I saw an reanactment of Jesus on the cross. Pictures are on facebook. For those of you who don't know I'm atheist. I gave up religion after my grandfather died. Despite this fact when I saw this tears came to my eyes. I don't know exactly why. Was it that the acting was good or was it the fact that I was still angry at my grandfathers passing. I still at this point don't know why and hope to reflect on it later.

Today I was able to tour the Christ Church Cathedral. Such a beautiful church and to be there on Good Friday was amazing. Just being is something that old made me love the fact that I was alive to see this. I got to see chalices from the 15 and 16th centuries. Bibles that were older and I was just stunned at the beauty. The stained glass work was astonishing and I wish I could do that.

I made it to another Cathedral as to where I lit a candle and I prayed. Yes I prayed I don't know what to, but I prayed. I prayed for my grandfather Larry, my friends traveling abroad, and for guidance. Right now I feel lost despite knowing what I am doing for this summer and next year. I just feel so lost and I can't find an entrance or an exit. I also prayed for acceptance to that fact that I fear failing at anything really. After I left this place I was shocked at myself that I prayed. It felt weird because I hadn't done that for years and let alone for anyone besides my problems.

I finally made it to the Guinness factory. I walked all the way from City Centre to this place to find it was closed due to Good Friday. Check out the video on facebook for more about this.

I came back to the hostel and fell asleep while at the computer. The videos take a while to load but based on the comments I'm getting back I think it is worth it! After that I decided to check out a comedy club.. but lo and behold IT WAS CLOSED... Ahhh Good Friday you do me wrong. It was only a minor pain in the ass.. Haha... Well as for today... I was able to start today at a coffee shop that wasn't at all bad and I just chilled there while people watching near Trinity College. Soon I will get out of the city I just need to plan better. Haha I must be more of a tourist!!! I must I must!!! Well for now its 11 and time for bed.. night Yall.. keep checking for posts.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dublin Three!

So it is my well I just going to lose track! Hahah I guess.

Today involved a lot fo walking, and I mean for serious! You may wonder why I go into such detail in my posts. It is because I'm going to look at this later to use for my final project. It helps me remember! I actually made it to the free breakfast this morning! Another bonus I got a shower!! Hell yes! They had no cold water at all. I like warm showers.... but not to the point that you are going to burn your skin off!

My main goal today was to see the play "Philadelphia, Here I Come" by Brian Friel. It is a play we read for class and was probably one of my favorites! I ended up getting a ticket at a discount price because they were trying to sell the unsold one person seats.. You know the ones between the couples. The seats that are awkward. I got one of those!! It was amazing and done so well!!!! If you ever get the chance to see it do so! The character of Gar Private is my favorite and the actor who play this role did a fantastic job. He reminded me a lot of the character Cosmo Brown from Singing in the Rain. (Vivian Random Fact*** my favorite movie.) It was interesting to watch because of the theatre lens I have been taught to portray things. Which is a very absurdist lens, or experimental theatre. I was able to turn that lens off and just be happy and enjoy the play without thinking about why they did this or chose this object.

I walked around a lot like a said before and my legs hurt horribly. It doesn't matter because I'm walking around a lot tomorrow! Guinness factory here I come! Hahaha. I went to St. Stephens Green which is an amazing park. If the weather gets better than today I think I might take a chill day and go read there.

I walked around Grafton St. which is the shopping district and I looked at all the awesome " I can't afford these" clothes. I also saw a lot of street performers today. Most of them had tricks involving straight jackets. However there was a band and they were amazing. I didn't have a ten to get their CD. Most sad but I know their names.. I think.. I can find it somewhere. Order their cd from there.

I also went to the National Was Museum of Ireland today. That was a hoot and a half. Go check out my facebook for the photos. I can't really say what my favorite part was because all of it was kind of great. The weirdest part was as I headed to the "childrens" section there was a tunnel and I was like Okay if you want a full grown person to get on their hands and knees.. Whatever. So I crawled through the tunnel like a dumba**.... and it led to the hallway I started from. That was a major facepalm for me!

Aftger the play as I walked home it was dark. I thought if I just acted like I knew where I was going which I did of course.. I just didn't want to seem like the lone tourist. A jacket upgrade really helped with that aspect. Then it popped into my head .. "What if I actually lived here" .. as if I never left or just came back after I graduated. Then that got me thinking of back home. I may have only been gone so far for a few days. I just really feel disconnected from home and my friends. For some reason it feels like when I get back that I will no longer know anybody. That the states was my old forgotten life. I'm here and Ireland is what I am. I think this is just homesickness. Its been weird not bugging Xandre or Tyler everyday. Going to class four days a week. Seeing random Evergreen people everywhere. Not being to call my mom onthe phone. Don't get me wrong I love this. I love being in Ireland and I love the experience I'm having I just am kind of sad panda right now. I know that this feeling will pass.

For right now.. I'm just in my hostel resting my legs! My hostel is really nice and the beds are super comfy!!! I have two hostel mates so far. Muki (Japan) and Anya (Switzerland {sp}) Both are pretty kick ass.. plus they don't snore so that is the bigger bonus!! I think Ill leave it here. Check out for more Vblogs coming to your nearest theatre!!


Hey everyone!!!

So today was my second day in Dublin! Twas a grand day! So many things happened!!!

First, I was supposed to walk with Kdawg to the bus she was taking. I over slept my alarm and boy was that fun. I got ready in five minutes anyway. We walked part way to her bus and there I said goodbye to her for a few days. She will be back in Dublin soon! So I headed back to the hostel to oversleep my second alarm!! HELL YES!!! It’s what I do. I missed the breakfast my hostel serves so I decided to head out on my secret mission!


I went to Starbucks… What, are you complaining? SUE ME THEN! Haha please don’t I can afford it. I went and Ill tell you what it was more expensive than a pint! The coffee wasn’t great either! Not that I expected much anyway. On the way to Starbucks I saw the famine Memorial from across the street. Right then and there I got a huge lump in my throat. After I left from getting coffee I walked across the street to see it up close. As soon as it came into view I started to cry. Bawl is more like it. During class this was a huge hurdle for me to jump. Learning about the famine I mean. I had heard about this memorial from Sean but once you see things in person it is completely different. I don’t think I can put it to words all the emotions I felt. The statues were all rusted which in retrospect made it more depressing. Just like in the famine no one took care of these people. Today no one takes care of the statues they just let them rust. You could say that is how the poor Irish were treated. They just let them rust. I heard a man that was walking by say “poor lass” under his breath and I looked his direction, he was looking at me. The one thing that sent me over the edge was when I went and held the hand of the dying child upon his fathers shoulders. For those of you who don’t know I had very vivid dreams about children in the famine era. It was a harsh time for me and I can look back now and say I’ve seen it. To even type about it now makes me want to cry because those emotions are still that strong!

After that I walked over to Trinity College to go see the Book of Kells. I walked around the campus and stared at all the lovely buildings. Gorgeous campus! I got to the lobby where you can see the book and I realized that I didn’t have my wallet on me! Surprisingly for losing my wallet I was really calm. I paid my way to go see the book and it was beyond beautiful. To think that scribes sat there for hours on end writing that is phenomenal! That was cool but what was cooler is the upstairs. It leads to the old library!!!! As a librarian and lover of books!! OMG!!! I was in heaven. I would have given my left arm to touch/ read one of those books! They also had Synges typewriter up there and one of the plays he wrote using that. :D

As soon as I left Trinity I retraced my steps to find my wallet. Back to the star bucks I headed. This meant walking past the famine memorial again! I turned away and focused my attention to something else. Got to Starbucks and it was under the booth that I sat at that morning! WHEW!!

Headed back to the hostel where I relaxed for a bit. Haley from class popped online and we agreed to meet together for dinner and shopping. I tried to meet her at Penneys… but there were two Penneys… OOOPPPS… However there are awesome things about Penneys. Outside when I was waiting for her I just kind of said under my breath “Where the frack are you Haley?!” and a guy looked at me, gave me the up and down. Then winked at me and he was so handsome… Okay HOOOOOOTTTT!!! There is one ways to boost my ego. :D Another thing about Penneys is that everything is super cheap even after converted to US. I got an awesome Jacket, sweatshirt, shirt, bra, underwear and two scarves for about 40 Euro. GOOD DEALS had by all!!!

I met up with Haley for dinner at the Temple bar and it was packed. There was a Barcelona and Arsenal game going on. So everywhere was packed. We found a nice Protestant pub near my hostel… I know it was a protestant pub because of the Whiskey they served. I had the fish and chips and it was delicious! On the way there Haley and I were whistled at and they guys tried to pretend it wasn’t them. Another EGO BOOST!!!

We had dinner and then headed to a pub to listen to Irish Music! After failing other pubs because they were playing American music. The band at the pub was just a bunch of local musicians that were a hoot in a half. The singer asked us where we were from and we said Seattle. He said like Jimi Hendrix and we said yes. Through out the entire night we had fun conversing with the band and we all night were the Washington girls! Oh I forgot to mention the best part… How I was cheated by the VendaScent. It was like a vending machine for perfume. They had a scent the smelled like Opium and Haley said that I should try that one! So I put in 50c and the thing didn’t squirt! I was cheated by the VendaScent. It is a catch phrase, learn to use it well. We ended up looking at the machine it wasn’t even connected to the wall on one side… Aka broken but we found an extra 70c in it! So hey we cheated it! Today was a success and a blast… Tomorrow has fun adventures in store… But for right now it’s late and I want sleep! Night Yall!