Monday, September 20, 2010

The wanderer is the song that appears up on my pandora. Wow.. fate is a bitch.. excuse my language but at this point I'm upset and every minute I can't help but think. I'm doing this to make it happy right.

I said that I would do anything to make you happy.. and if that doesn't include me in the picture well so be it. I want to say that it hurts everyday to think about you are losing out on. I know you care about me but sometimes life gets to hectic and friends turn way to ''''ing stupid. We can't help it but I do blame you for how this ended up. I still have dreams about you and I want them to stop so it will hurt less, so I will cry less. Life sucks sometimes and when it doesn't well I look forward to those days whole heartedly.

I will wait till you become less stupid and realize that I am what you want. Until then I'm not going to help you figure it out. You need to find this one on your own. Trust me its not going to come easy.

As always

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I just want to spout about the weird ness that is beginning with today literature.

Currently I am reading "Shakespeare Undead" by Lori Handeland. I'm really impressed with the authors writing style until you realize that you are reading (Twilight + Shakespeare+ Soft Core Porn) I am serious! It was unbelievably graphic with its writing style. I am liking the story line minus the fact it resembles Twilight however I have a major issue with this book. I don't think anyone would figure this out besides myself because I know what is popular with teen/ younger kid reading in todays society.

Today very popular are the Jane Austin parodies with the zombies. I myself have read those books and enjoyed them whole heartedly. I fear the kids these days are going to see this title and think it is along the lines of those other novels. When in retrospect they are more crude and dirty. I caution you to save your children from reading this until you think they are ready for a zombie Shakespeare romance novel. I am enjoying this book don't get me wrong. It is a great read I just don't want say someone like my twelve year old sister to read something like this. Even some kids in middle school, but that is just me.

thats it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Had to post about Chat Room by Kristin Butcher:

Story is very short, less than 100 pages. Ohhh wait exactly 102 pages!

Don't want to diss on the author... Congrats on writing a book! However I question why this is a young adult book. Is it because it is set in high school? The length and writing style seems more like it would best serve Jun. books. Also because the main message of the book is good for younger kids to learn. Like don't always trust people in chat rooms and stalkers.

Linda, a freshman in high school starts chatting in the high school chat room and falls for Cyrano (codename) but is he really who he is?! Trust me the ending was better guessed at the beginning in the fact I knew it before it happened.

Also point in fact this would be better for younger kids would be the fact that its in large print form..

My official rating would be (€€) out of a possible (€€€€€)

Does this mean that I'm blogging about books now?!
Why did I use the Euro symbol for my rating system.. Does this mean I miss Ireland?!?!

Durh duh durh durh DURH!!!

I am not quite sure how that was supposed to play out. It is me however, lol!

Updates for those who actually read this thing! Life is good and school is about to start! YAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY.

Just a little excited, I'm ready to get my social life back! I miss all my friends so much!!! I need to not be around Yelm for now.. Friends make me happy. Not that the Garners aren't awesome!

Book I'm reading-

Chat Room - by Kristin Butcher... (Don't know what I feel about it. It is a very short book and about a highschool getting a chatroom for the school. I can tell already some unwanted
information gets leaked... Only because it was what it said on the back of the book :P. I just have said to myself to read books that I wouldn't normally read.)

Plus!!! My brother gets married in a week (about)! Congrats to John and Laura!!!

Favorite picture of the week!!

-----> Butterflies at the Pacific Science Center

Eating Oranges! Ahhhh so pretty!!!