Monday, September 20, 2010

The wanderer is the song that appears up on my pandora. Wow.. fate is a bitch.. excuse my language but at this point I'm upset and every minute I can't help but think. I'm doing this to make it happy right.

I said that I would do anything to make you happy.. and if that doesn't include me in the picture well so be it. I want to say that it hurts everyday to think about you are losing out on. I know you care about me but sometimes life gets to hectic and friends turn way to ''''ing stupid. We can't help it but I do blame you for how this ended up. I still have dreams about you and I want them to stop so it will hurt less, so I will cry less. Life sucks sometimes and when it doesn't well I look forward to those days whole heartedly.

I will wait till you become less stupid and realize that I am what you want. Until then I'm not going to help you figure it out. You need to find this one on your own. Trust me its not going to come easy.

As always

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EarthDrtr said...

This is so sad =[ I had no idea you were going through something so stressful. I love you!