Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Sunday!!!!

So technically I have homework... Half of it is finished but really all I want to do right now is watch the superbowl commercials. My essay is finished... kind of :P.... I don't really care about the game.. I'm not that big of a football fan.. I only watch one game a year and that is the APPLE CUP... Woot... I'm more excited for Puppy Bowl later!!!! AHHH cuteness..

As for everything else.. I made my down deposit on my Ireland trip I still owe $1000 but that is what etsy is for... Am I right or AM I RIGHT!!! I'm trying to get all my bubble cowls finished so I can get those up there... and more shirts so I can get my stock up;....

Oh and did I mention... I got a tattoo!!! Yup its a triple goddess pictures will be up soon! Life is sweet isn't?!