Thursday, September 16, 2010

Had to post about Chat Room by Kristin Butcher:

Story is very short, less than 100 pages. Ohhh wait exactly 102 pages!

Don't want to diss on the author... Congrats on writing a book! However I question why this is a young adult book. Is it because it is set in high school? The length and writing style seems more like it would best serve Jun. books. Also because the main message of the book is good for younger kids to learn. Like don't always trust people in chat rooms and stalkers.

Linda, a freshman in high school starts chatting in the high school chat room and falls for Cyrano (codename) but is he really who he is?! Trust me the ending was better guessed at the beginning in the fact I knew it before it happened.

Also point in fact this would be better for younger kids would be the fact that its in large print form..

My official rating would be (€€) out of a possible (€€€€€)

Does this mean that I'm blogging about books now?!
Why did I use the Euro symbol for my rating system.. Does this mean I miss Ireland?!?!


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